A Taste Of Sunshine Dust
A Taste Of Sunshine Dust
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Tall Girl Problem #4








How am I supposed to get a boyfriend if I’m taller than 80% of boys

Get a boy’s attention and ask them on a date. It’s not as hard as it would otherwise be if you have an open mind.

Being 6’2 ice never had problems getting guys. If a…

My issue isn’t guys saying no to me, it’s the other way around
I can’t tower over a boy it’s just awkward
I’m not attracted to guys unless they’re taller than me or around the same height

Being awkward at first doesn’t mean you should give up. I hear many girls complain that there aren’t enough tall guys and repeat the mantra that dating down would be too awkward… which severely limits their options.

I personally feel that tall girls feel they need to be shorter than boys because of society. How many times do we hear “tall boys love short girls” or read books and watch shows and movies where the boy is ALWAYS taller? It’s infinite.
There’s also often a struggle with coping with our height. We’re told that “you’re so tall you could be a model” but we’re often made fun of. I was called “Giraffe,” “The Tower,” and “The Giant” all throughout school. It’s confusing, really.
Sometimes we want to just fit in. Also, sometimes we feel we need someone who understands - someone tall like us.

I’m 6’2” btw

At the same time though, how many times does a guy hear that girls like tall guys? Just looking at the other comments to this post you can see it appearing. I don’t personally know any girls who would say they prefer shorter guys. That isn’t to say they aren’t out there, I just don’t know any. Of course, confirmation bias, I am a fairly short guy.

My point is that (generalization warning) there’s a correlation between guys preferring shorter girls and girls preferring taller guys, leaving those outside the “preferred” height at a disadvantage either way. The expectations are there on both sides.

I’m sorry you’ve felt the pressure of this system though, especially since height isn’t exactly something we can control to any great degree after maturity is reached.

This makes me think of a conversation some of my friends were having at dinner earlier this semester. One of them is 6 ft tall, and she was talking about how she needs a guy taller than her, and someone else was like “well….you don’t need a taller guy, you want a taller guy,” and friend one was like “no he needs to be taller than me” and then some things were said that made me so furious i checked out of the conversation, but it just frustrates me because i’ve seen some stinkin’ cute couples where the girl is taller than the guy and i just mostly wish that it weren’t such a big deal sorry about this ramble

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