A Taste Of Sunshine Dust
A Taste Of Sunshine Dust
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"oh my god stop criticizing young girls who like 50 Shades of Gray or Twilight you can’t tell them what they can and can’t read"

no we can’t but we have to protect young girls from mistaking abusive behavior for genuine affection at all costs

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Do you ever wonder how Hogwarts would travel to another school for the Triwizard Tournament cause I think about it all the time


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I can never get a good picture of it, but I just really enjoy how my hair looks after being in braids all day.



depression is when you don’t really care about anything

anxiety is when you care too much about everything

and having both is just like what

Having both is staying in bed because you don’t want to go to school and then panicking because you don’t want to fail. Having both is wanting to go see your friends so you don’t lose them all, then staying home in bed because you don’t want to make the effort. Having both is insanely hard and sucks to deal with.
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Because a man has to be a sociopath to love a woman with cellulite. Screw this world. 

If all residents of hell look like Scarlett Johansson, I renounce my atheism and take up Satanism

Whoever wrote this needs to be punched. A lot.

Oh no 27. I’m 19 and have it, welcome to the non airbrushed real world.

#that article is awful #i would pay anything to look as good as her #like goddamn

I’m 20 and I have stretch marks and cellulite.

Most people get cellulite and stretch marks around 15. Literally because Puberty.

She looks hot, okay? Besides, maybe he’s just attracted to her personality GASP

A friend of mine was telling me about a conversation that she had with her boyfriend.  It went something like this:
"BF: Would you be upset if I left you for Scarlett Johansson?"
"My Friend: *looks BF dead in the eye* I would leave YOUfor Scarlett Johansson.”
And you know what….I agree 100000%.

It is an indisputable scientific fact that 99.999999% of the world population would leave their significant other for Scarlett Johansson. The sole exception to this is Scarlett Johansson, who, of course, already has herself.
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Anonymous: Do you have any drawings to give to a boy I think is cute but he doesn't know I exist? :-)



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Greek history jokes? Minotaur jokes? Anyone? 

Best face

still my favorite

an example of perfect, perfect comedic timing in comic panels


i wonder how many people i’m in the “i’d be down if you asked” zone with

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I am beautiful.
The probability of my life existing as it does is almost nothing, but here I am, and I am wonderfully and impossibly beautiful.

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